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Compare TD Sequential and TD Combo Chart Samples

Some Supporting Files

Symbol/Ticker lists

A collection of the various symbols/tickers that comprise the NDX, OEX, DJI, DJT, DJU FTSE, DAX, ASX, CAC, TSE and EuroStock50 indices for Yahoo and Google. Each data source has its own ticker/exchange format so they are not interchangeable. Unzip then copy/paste the desired list into GRAFster7's Downloader + Updater.

Download the zip file (471 Kb).

Historical Data

More than 60-years of End of Day ASCII csv data for the DJIA and S&P500 index. Current to 5 Jan 2018. Unzip then use the data as you see fit.

Download the zip file (528 Kb).

Comparison Charts

To help you decide if the two pattern recognition indicators in GRAFster7 are 'the real deal', below are links to some chart images for you to scrutinize how they compare with the output from a popular trading platform named after a former mayor of New York City.

Download the zip file (970 Kb).

Download the zip file (1040 Kb) to examine even more chart images if you wish.