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According to a technical analysts association, the fundamental tool of technical analysis of security price behavior is the ruler.

About This Software

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Anyone new to technical analysis of security price behavior should consider avoiding purchasing expensive charting software when starting out. Registered users appreciate that some of what is offered here typically costs plenty elsewhere. Why pay for disappointment.

Try the easy to use, economical tools offered here to help you decide yourself if this stuff works. Preserve your capital! Don't forget that 'money attracts brains' and investors compete with against 'Rocket Scientist' types armed with automatic trading algorithms. Be mindful that money also tempts corruption.

Most of the developed world enjoys high speed internet 24/7. For investors there, security price history management is left to others by using web browser applications. But those of us living elsewhere that is not the typical case. GRAFster7, a stand alone program, enables users to fetch and save the needed data quickly, for free, when the electric grid and internet are functioning, then examine charts later.

GRAFster7's ancestors are Plot v1 written in C back in 1991, then Plot v3 written in the new VB in 1999, followed by an upgrade to GRAFster with Borland's Delphi. GRAFster7 is being maintained with Delphi by Embarcadero. A 'run anywhere' version is being made using Lazarus.

PeteR Logo The Author

Headquartered here in West Africa I don't have the benefit of high speed internet 24/7, so GRAFster7 is just what I need under the circumstances. What am I doing here? Well, after completing 2-years of service with the US Peace Corps as a lecturer at the University of The Gambia near Banjul, I decided to remain in The Gambia to witness the end of its criminal leader and his dysfunctional regime. That took 10-years, longer than I expected.

I've been living near the beach, enjoying 'The Smiling Coast' of Africa - its modest cost of living, the tropical weather, uncrowded beaches, great fishing and its people, their cultural traditions, food and music. The only serious threat I face here is falling coconuts. I must add it is certainly not a 'shithole' like Orange Man claimed. And despite the flawed world-wide vaccine distribution scheme, we have not had much 'Rona' here.

Special Thanks

To all of you Tom DeMark fans who, over the years, shared your Bloomberg charts, manuals, insights and other information to help me complete GRAFster's two pattern recognition techniques, I'm grateful so thank you very much! Or, as they say in the local Wolof language - jerry jeff!. Your support has been invaluable to help me keep the code for these techniques up to date, confirm their accuracy and decipher unpublished details. Pax in Terra - PeteR.