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GRAFster7 software offers charts showing price reversal patterns predicted by Sequential and Combo. theGRAFster.com is compelled to advise visitors that these indicators are neither associated with nor endorsed by DeMark, the creator of the trademarked TD Sequential and TD Combo.

GRAFster7 software offers charts showing price reversal levels predicted by price patterns mimicing Sequential and Kombo.

Use Analyzer v1.19 software to appraise how useful Sequential and Combo are for predicting price reversals over daily, weekly and monthly time frames. Come to your own conclusion with the help of this free analysis tool. A text file (analyzer_sample.zip) of output from this tool will give you an idea of what it does.

Files Available for Download

GRAFster7 Icon GRAFster7

Ask for the GRAFster7
            download link Ask for the GRAFster v7.4 download link (4349 kB) via an Email sent to the address shown at the bottom of this page. Use it to fetch EoD price data for the tickers that interest you, then view their charts. Try it for a while, without registering, to determine if it proves useful. Registered Users who have have changed computers or want to use it on multiple computers will have to get a registration code (for free, of course) for each computer.

Register yourself and you will get a link to download the Dmarc-O-Matic v4 signal finder tool. A helpful time saver, it scans your EoD price files and gives you a list of security symbols showing recent Cequential and Kombo signals.

Look4 Icon Analyzer v1.19

This free tool gives an analysis of returns (% change) for two predictive pattern indicators (Cequential and Kombo). Use it to get an objective appraisal of the usefulness, if any, of these predictive patterns and how each might be exploited with a particular security. Just as a few other analyses have concluded, sell signals for some securities have been consistently timely. Similarly, buy signals for some other securities have been consistently timely. This tool has revealed more than a few 'gems'. It employs the same code recipe and default settings used by GRAFster7. It is fast and can digest many security price files in a single 'gulp'.

Download Analyzer results
              sample file Download a zipped text file showing a sample of results from Analyzer v1.19 (165 kB).

Ask for Analyzer
            download link Ask for the Analyzer v1.19 download link (862 kB) at the address shown at the bottom of this page. No need to worry, you won't be pestered with spam or anything else by revealing your Email address. Analyzer runs on Win Vista and later. You don't need a copy of GRAFster7 to use this program. You do need a collection of Ascii csv EoD symbol/ticker files the program can read. But don't forget that GRAFster7 will give you plenty of data for free.

Symbol/Ticker Lists

A collection of the various symbols/tickers that comprise the NDX, OEX, DJI, DJT, DJU FTSE, DAX, ASX, CAC, TSE and EuroStock50 indices for Yahoo, Tiingo and NASDAQ. The Tiingo file also includes symbols/tickers for the Shanghai Exchange. These lists are arranged by the data source because some tickers/symbols for indices and preferred stocks are unique to the data source. Unzip then copy/paste the desired list into GRAFster7's built in GimmeFreeData tool.

Download various symbol
              lists Download the zip file (818 kB).

Historical Data

More than 70-years of End of Day ASCII csv data for the DJIA and S&P500 index. Current to June 2024. Unzip then use the data as you see fit.

download djia and sp500 EoD
              data from 1951 Download the zip file (482 kB).

Comparison Charts

To help you decide yourself if GRAFster7's predictive pattern indicators are 'the real deal', below is a link to collection of recent chart images for you to scrutinize how the two price reversal studies from GRAFster7 compare with the output from the creator of similar indicators. You will need, of course, GRAFster7 to make the appraisal.

download comparison chart
              images Download the zip file (1747 kB) to examine recent chart images.